Values Guiding the St. John Redevelopment Project

At the Special Vestry on April 18, Guy Dauncey suggested that certain core values guide the proposal for stewarding our land and buildings into the next 50-100 years.  He proposed: community, equity and social justice, environment, architecture which creates a sense of spirit and sanctuary and self, beauty and harmony.

Following this presentation, we asked that you share the values you would like reflected in the proposal.  After receiving a number of comments, it is evident that the values presented by Guy align with the values of the parish.

Your specific comments can be summarized as follows:

  1. Sense of community: this includes creating a physically open, inclusive and welcoming space; providing sanctuary, and being inclusive to those of other faiths, and those with different needs.  Making sure we meet the needs of our partners and programs, but also that we are aware and accepting of the responsibilities these kind of changes necessitate.
  2. Environmental sustainability: this includes making sure the structures being considered are carbon neutral (or better) and that we create many green spaces throughout, such as community, rooftop, and patio gardens. That we preserve the Memorial garden and perhaps even eliminate above ground parking and create a green space in its place with parking underneath.
  3. Equity and social justice: this includes preserving low-income housing options for seniors and providing spaces and programs for single parents and other groups and individuals in need.

Other comments and general suggestions related to changes you would like to see in the organization, design, and practices of the church have also been noted but as they are not directly relevant for our purposes here, they are not listed. However, we have kept record of these valuable thoughts so that they can be drawn upon if and when such changes are being considered.

We thank everyone for their thoughtful, open and creative comments. As we proceed, we can now be more confident that we carry the values of the parish throughout each step of this planning process.

If you would like to add to these values or make suggestions, please send your thoughts to We encourage feedback in every step of this process to ensure the values of the parish continue to be the guiding force behind this project.