Meet the Taskforce

Meet the members of the St. John Redevelopment Taskforce


Patricia Lane

“The way we think about church communities is going to be radically different in 20 years. Part of the vision I’ve always maintained is that [St. John] becomes a spiritual place for Anglicans and everyone else.” – Patricia Lane

Lawyer, mediator, and member of the board of directors for Sierra Club BC, Patricia is dedicated to creating a beyond carbon neutral space in downtown Victoria. She envisions an inclusive space where people of all incomes and ages live, work, eat, produce food, gather, and make art and music.  A space where spirituality is integral to people’s experience and Anglicans can feel at home. Integral to this project for Patricia is the replicability of this project and getting Anglicans to have important conversations about climate change issues.

Alistair McCollum



Deborah Curran

David McKay

“Our thoughts must turn not only to how we can configure the property, but how we can make sure that we uphold the dignity of every human being, and the planet that we live on. We have a chance of being creative as well as being in the forefront. I hope we accept the challenge.” – David McKay

David is a retired Anglican priest who sees the church at the forefront of community and social issues and feels strongly that St. John’s property should be used to demonstrate this. With the role of the church in the community changing dramatically, he sees redevelopment as an opportunity to leave a legacy of our beliefs and values in built for

Elizabeth McAuley

Peggy Wilmot

Graeme Brown

Graeme grew up in the Church of Scotland and has been at St. John’s since 1995. having previously chaired the church’s property committee, Graeme is conscious of the aging infrastructure of our buildings, Graeme believes that this redevelopment project will allow St. John to replace the older buildings with modern, more functional spaces, enabling the church to interact with the community in new and exciting ways. He is excited to be involved in a project of this kind, seeing it as “the opportunity of a lifetime”.